Business Insurance Illinois understands businesses in the community both large or small. You can find our offices in Chicago, and our clients all throughout Illinois. As an independent insurance agency in Illinois, we take pride in reviewing your options with multiple insurance companies and comparing protection and prices to find the best value for your business.

Business insurance costs will vary from plan to plan and company to company. We’re proud members of the Chicago marketplace, and we’re committed to being an advocate for you and your business in times of need.

Many small businesses avoid insurance costs because their profit margins are low. And in bad economic times, many more companies try to conserve as much money as possible. Don't let yourself fall into this trap. Even having online business insurance is smart. Imagine an employee succumbing to heat stroke in the blistering Chicago summer, and the lawsuit that might result.

The truth is, any little thing that goes wrong might have disastrous consequences for your business, whether it's a defective product that harms a child or a misleading advertisement that leads to a class-action lawsuit. The danger of avoiding Illinois business insurance is as big as the Willis Tower. But if you search diligently for Illinois business insurance quotes, you can find excellent coverage for a great price.


If you have employees in the Land Of Lincoln, you must provide workers' compensation insurance for them. Before you look into Illinois business insurance quotes, make the following determinations: Do you have employees or contract workers? How many employees? What are their wages? All of these facts influence your premium. Then there are options for providing coverage: you can self-insure, provide insurance through a competitive state fund, or find a private carrier. One advantage of a private insurance carrier is the ability to easily compare premiums online, which helps you find low-cost Illinois business insurance. Even small business insurance plans are available.

There are a lot of things to think about to protect yourself from liability. Let's say you own a restaurant in Springfield.

First, you'll need workers' compensation for your employees. You may also have contract workers who handle seasonal upgrades. But then consider the guests and their relationship to Illinois business insurance.

What happens if a someone chokes on their food? What happens if someone breaks in and steals your equipment? Or maybe a delivery man dropping off containers of liquor for the bar slips in the storage room.

The point is, even a business that seems relatively safe might encounter a range of accidents. And when people get hurt, they sue.. Court costs, even for the winner, are expensive, and liability insurance will cover those as well. Make sure business liability insurance coverage is part of your search for Illinois business insurance quotes.

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The same restaurant owner will need to purchase an Illinois business insurance policy that covers damages to the parking lot, restaurant and bar. This would include weather damage, vandalism, fire, and other common hazards. And you may need to protect yourself against damages incurred in the line of business, such as a maintenance crew accidentally causing thousands of dollars of damages to the sprinkler or plumbing system. For any business owner, run through every piece of equipment you use and every place your business occurs. Calculate the replacement costs. The amount you come up with is a good starting point for Illinois business insurance quotes for property protection.

It's tempting to do things quickly, but your business needs a little more contemplation. To save money on Chicago business insurance, it pays to review offers from as many insurance companies and agencies as possible.

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Ask what kind of coverages you can include in a single policy. A business owner's policy, for example, generally includes all of the basic coverages except workers' compensation and company automobiles--and for less money than you'd spend on these policies separately. Figure out which combinations make sense for your business.

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